Report a Fake PROPSBERRY™

Brand Protection | PROPSBERRY™

When a fun, new, product like PROPSBERRY hits the market you can be certain that the product will be imitated and duplicated by others.  We have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in product development to bring you the best version of PROPSBERRY possible and we will not tolerate others duplicating our products.  It's also illegal! 

If you come across what you believe is an imitation of a PROPSBERRY, we kindly ask that you let us know so we can investigate. 

Your good deed will not go unnoticed by our team. 

 Email us using the subject line "FAKE PROPSBERRY" and in be body of the email, along with any info you'd like to give us, please attach: 

1.)  Photo (if available)

2.) Website (if available) 

3.) Physical location (if sold in a store) 


Send submissions to: