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PROPSBERRY™ | Phone Holder | Actual Color: Clear

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Dislike asking random strangers to take your photo? 

Your problem is solved with the PROPSBERRY®

Color: Clear 

How to apply the PROPSBERRY® to your mobile device 

1.) Peel the backing from the 3M gel on the back of the PROPSBERRY®

2.) Stick the PROPSBERRY® to the back of the mobile device as level as possible with the edge of the mobile device

3.) Repeatedly and firmly press the 3M gel to the back of the device for 30 seconds


Details, Specs, Compatibility 

  • The 3M gel WILL NOT stick to silicone, highly textured surfaces and many soft cases
  •  The gel will stick to bare iPhones but not "as well" as if you used a suitable case
  • Sticks best to a smooth hard plastic case
  • Holds best at a 45° angle and below
  • Do not use in high winds 
  • For best performance use on a flat surface 
  • Do not prop phone on edges of objects where phone could fall and be destroyed
  • Dimensions: 2.5" width x 3.75" height  

PROPSBERRY® | Peel it. Stick it. Prop it. & You'll never miss a moment

Common Questions


2.5" width x 3.75" heigth

Compatibility Check

Gel does not "stick well" with bare iphones. For best results, apply PROPSBERRY® to a hard, smooth, non-silicone case

PROPSBERRY® will not stick to silicone case

Do not use PROPSBERRY® in high winds.

The PROPSBERRY® is designed to work on flat surfaces only. Any other surface could cause damage to your phone. Prop responsibly.

45° Angle or Less

For best use, prop at a 45° or less